COAST - 2018

Section: New Results

Trust and data sharing in crisis management

Participants : François Charoy, Béatrice Linot, Valerie Shalin.

Sharing information between responders is important during crisis management response. Tools and platforms are eagerly developed for that purpose. They are supposed to support people and help them to build a shared situation awareness. However as the scale of crisis increases and as more and more organisations are involved, people get reluctant to use them to share their data. They prefer to rely on one to one communication tools like phones or text. This is why we are studying how these collaborative platforms impact the work of responders positively or negatively. We want to know why most of the time they don't want to use them for their original purpose. We studied reports on past incidents [17], [10] and conducted extensive analysis of the use of existing systems (e.g. the French platform CRISORSEC) through interviews, observation and data analysis. [11]