Section: New Software and Platforms


Geometric Understanding in Higher Dimensions

Keywords: Computational geometry - Topology

Scientific Description: The current release of the GUDHI library includes: – Data structures to represent, construct and manipulate simplicial and cubical complexes. – Algorithms to compute simplicial complexes from point cloud data. – Algorithms to compute persistent homology and multi-field persistent homology. – Simplification methods via implicit representations.

Functional Description: The GUDHI open source library will provide the central data structures and algorithms that underly applications in geometry understanding in higher dimensions. It is intended to both help the development of new algorithmic solutions inside and outside the project, and to facilitate the transfer of results in applied fields.

News Of The Year: - Cover complex - Representation of persistence diagrams - Cech complex - weighted periodic 3d alpha-complex - sparse Rips complex - debian / docker / conda-forge packages

  • Participants: Clément Maria, François Godi, David Salinas, Jean-Daniel Boissonnat, Marc Glisse, Mariette Yvinec, Pawel Dlotko, Siargey Kachanovich and Vincent Rouvreau

  • Contact: Jean-Daniel Boissonnat

  • URL: http://gudhi.gforge.inria.fr/