Section: Dissemination


Internal or external Inria responsibilities

Science en Cour[t]s (http://sciences-en-courts.fr/) Many of our on-going and former Ph-D students (M.Wery, L. Bourneuf, A. Antoine-Lorquin, C. Bettembourg, J. Coquet, V. Delannée, G. Garet, S. Prigent) have been heavily involved in the organization of a local Popularization Festival where Ph.D. students explain their thesis via short movies. The movies are presented to a professional jury composed of artists and scientists, and of high-school students. Previous years films can be viewed on the festival web-site [More details]


  • "J'peux pas j'ai informatique", Welcoming of high-school students to leverage stereotypes about computer sciences, Apr. 2018 [A. Siegel]

  • Atelier Google Numerics, Rennes, table ronde Enseigner le code dès le plus jeune âge, Oct. 2018 [A. Siegel]

  • "Rencontre des jeunes mathématiciennes", ENS Rennes, 2-days workshop for high-school girl students in mathematics. Introduction to gender stereotypes in mathematics, Nov. 2018 [A. Siegel]

Creation of media or tools for science outreach