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Section: Dissemination

Teaching - Supervision - Juries


Rosane Ushirobira taught around 90h at Polytech Lille and University of Lille (Linear algebra, analysis and logic).


  • PhD: Guillaume Rance, “Commande H paramétrique et application aux viseurs gyrostabilisés”, University Paris - Saclay, 09/07/2018, Alban Quadrat & Arnaud Quadrat & Hugues Mounier.

  • PhD in progress: Grace Younes, “Calcul de multiplicités de racines de polynoômes et de quasi-polynoômes”, 01 /10/2018, Alban Quadrat & Yacine Bouzidi & Adrien Poteaux.

  • Master: Ambroise Fleury (Licence 3 ème année training), “Computation of gcd using AVX”, F. Lemaire.

  • Master: Guillaume Maitrot (Master 2 training), “Improving the BLINEIDE library with OpenMP”, F. Lemaire.


F. Boulier was referee of the PhD thesis of G. Rance, University Paris Orsay, 09/07/2018.

A. Quadrat was a jury member of the CRCN Inria 2018 competition for the Lille – Nord Europe center.