Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Bilateral Contracts with Industry

The Caml Consortium

Participants : Damien Doligez [ contact ] , Xavier Leroy, Michel Mauny, Didier Rémy.

The Caml Consortium is a formal structure where industrial and academic users of OCaml can support the development of the language and associated tools, express their specific needs, and contribute to the long-term stability of OCaml. Membership fees are used to fund specific developments targeted towards industrial users. Members of the Consortium automatically benefit from very liberal licensing conditions on the OCaml system, allowing for instance the OCaml compiler to be embedded within proprietary applications.

The Consortium currently has 15 member companies:

  • Aesthetic Integration

  • Ahrefs

  • Be Sport

  • Bloomberg

  • CEA

  • Citrix

  • Docker

  • Esterel Technologies

  • Facebook

  • Jane Street

  • Kernelyze LLC

  • LexiFi

  • Microsoft

  • OCamlPro

  • SimCorp

For a complete description of this structure, please refer to https://ocaml.org/consortium/index.html.

The Caml Consortium is being gradually phased out. In the future, it should be entirely replaced by the OCaml Foundation, described next (§8.1.2).

The OCaml Foundation

Participant : Michel Mauny.

In June 2018, Michel Mauny created the OCaml Software Foundation (OCSF), a structure sheltered by the Inria Foundation. The OCSF now has a few patrons. With the help of Yann Régis-Gianas, it is running the Learn-OCaml project, which aims at developing the usage of OCaml in higher education. A paper that presents the project has been accepted for publication at JFLA 2019 [20]. The OCaml Software Foundation and the Learn-OCaml project have been presented at the 2018 OCaml workshop.

The OCaml Software Foundation is expecting more patrons at the beginning of 2019, and shall organize meetings where donors discuss and produce suggestions for actions of general interest to be funded.