Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Bilateral Contracts with Industry


    Duration: 2 years

    Participants: Gamble and Ouragan Inria teams

    Abstract: A two-years licence and cooperation agreement was signed on April 1st, 2018 between WATERLOO MAPLE INC., Ontario, Canada (represented by Laurent Bernardin, its Executive Vice President Products and Solutions) and Inria. On the Inria side, this contract involves the teams GAMBLE and OURAGAN (Paris), and it is coordinated by Fabrice Rouillier (OURAGAN).

    F. Rouillier and GAMBLE are the developers of the ISOTOP software for the computation of topology of curves. One objective of the contract is to transfer a version of ISOTOP to WATERLOO MAPLE INC.

  • Company: GeometryFactory

    Duration: permanent

    Participants: Inria and GeometryFactory

    Abstract: Cgal packages developed in Gamble are commercialized by GeometryFactory .