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  • The Inria's Research Teams produce an annual Activity Report presenting their activities and their results of the year. These reports include the team members, the scientific program, the software developed by the team and the new results of the year. The report also describes the grants, contracts and the activities of dissemination and teaching. Finally, the report gives the list of publications of the year.

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Section: Dissemination

Teaching - Supervision - Juries


  • Undergraduate level/Licence

    • A. Esnard: System programming 36h, Computer architecture 40h, Network 23h at Bordeaux University.

    • M. Faverge: Programming environment 26h, Numerical algorithmic 40h, C projects 25h at Bordeaux INP (ENSEIRB-MatMeca).

    • A. Guermouche: System programming 36h at Bordeaux University.

    • P. Ramet: System programming 24h, Databases 32h, Object programming 48h, Distributed programming 32h, Cryptography 32h at Bordeaux University, and Numerical algorithmic 40h at Bordeaux INP (ENSEIRB-Matmeca).

  • Post graduate level/Master

    • E. Agullo: Operating systems 24h at Bordeaux University ; Dense linear algebra kernels 8h, Numerical algorithms 30h at Bordeaux INP (ENSEIRB-MatMeca).

    • O. Coulaud: Paradigms for parallel computing 24h, Hierarchical methods 8h at Bordeaux INP (ENSEIRB-MatMeca).

    • A. Esnard: Network management 27h, Network security 27h at Bordeaux University; Programming distributed applications 35h at Bordeaux INP (ENSEIRB-MatMeca).

    • M. Faverge: System programming 72h, Load balancing and scheduling 13h at Bordeaux INP (ENSEIRB-MatMeca).

      He is also in charge of the master 2 internship for the Computer Science department at Bordeaux INP (ENSEIRB-MatMeca).

    • L. Giraud: Introduction to intensive computing and related programming tools 20h, INSA Toulouse; Introduction to high performance computing and applications 20h, ISAE; On mathematical tools for numerical simulations 10h, ENSEEIHT Toulouse; Parallel sparse linear algebra 11h at Bordeaux INP (ENSEIRB-MatMeca).

    • A. Guermouche: Network management 92h, Network security 64h, Operating system 24h at Bordeaux University.

    • P. Ramet: Load balancing and scheduling 13h at Bordeaux INP (ENSEIRB-MatMeca).

    • J. Roman: Parallel sparse linear algebra 10h, Algorithmic and parallel algorithms 22h at Bordeaux INP (ENSEIRB-MatMeca).

      He is also in charge of the last year “Parallel and Distributed Computing” option at ENSEIRB-MatMeca which is specialized in HPC (methodologies and applications). This is a common training curriculum between Computer Science and MatMeca departments at Bordeaux INP and with Bordeaux University in the context of Computer Science Research Master. It provides a lot of well-trained internship students for Inria projects working on HPC and simulation.


  • PhD: Nicolas Bouzat; Fine grain algorithms and numerical schemes for exascale simulations of turbulent plasmas ; M.Mehrenberger (TONUS project-team), J. Roman, G. Latu (CEA-IRFM ); defended on December 17, 2018; jury members: N. Crouseilles (referee, Inria Rennes Bretagne Atlantique), Ph. Helluy (Université Strasbourg), G. Latu (CEA Cadarache), M. Mehrenberger (Université Aix-Marseille), R. Namyst (referee, Université Bordeaux), S. Salmon (Université Reims).

  • PhD: Arnaud Durocher; High performance Dislocation Dynamics simulations on heterogeneous computing platforms for the study of creep deformation mechanisms for nuclear applications; O. Coulaud, L. Dupuy (CEA); defended on December 19, 2018; jury members: D. Barthou (Bordeaux INP), M. Blétry (Université Paris XII), L. Dupuy (CEA, Saclay), M. Fivel (referee, CNRS, Grenoble), J.F. Méhaud (referee, Université de Grenoble).

  • PhD in progress: Aurélien Falco; Data sparse calculation in FEM/BEM solution; E. Agullo, L. Giraud, G. Sylvand.

  • PhD in progress: Esragul Korkmaz; Solveurs creux direct et matrices hierarchiques; M. Faverge, P. Ramet.

  • PhD: Grégoire Pichon; Utilisation de techniques de compression -matrices pour solveur direct creux parallèle dans le cadre des applications FEM; M. Faverge, P. Ramet; defended on November 29, 2018; jury members: A. Buttari (CNRS, Toulouse), D. Goudin (CEA-CESTA, Le Barp), G. Kubické (DGA, Rennes), S. Lanteri (Inria, Sophia Antipolis), E. Ng (Lawrence Berkeley Nat. Lab., Berkeley), F. Pellegrini (Université de Bordeaux).

  • PhD in progress: Louis Poirel; Algebraic coarse space correction for parallel hybrid solvers; E. Agullo, L. Giraud; defended on November 28, 2018; jury members: B. Cuenot (CERFACS, Toulouse), M. Gander (referee, Université de Genève). M. Heroux (referee, Sandia Nat. Lab.), A. Legrand (CNRS, Grenoble), F.X. Roux (ONERA, UPMC Paris), P. Tallec (referee, Ecole Polytechnique).


  • Aloïs Bissuel, “Résolution des équations de Navier-Stokes linéarisées pour l'aéroélasticité, l'optimisation de forme et l'aéroacoustique", referees: V. Dolean, R. Abgrall, president: L. Giraud, Université Paris-Saclay à l'Ecole polytechnique, spécialité: mathématiques appliquées, 22 Janvier 2018.

  • Eemeho Edorh, “Incremental algorithms for long range interactions", referees: M. Bolden, O. Coulaud, Université Grenoble Alpes, spécialité: mathématiques et informatique, 2 Octobre 2018.

  • Vinicius Garcia Pinto, “Performance Analysis Strategies for Task-based Applications on Hybrid Platforms", referees: G. Cavalheiro, B. Mohr, P. Navaux, N. Maillard, A. Legrand reviewers: A. Goldman, G. Thomas Université Grenoble Alpes, spécialité: mathématiques et informatique, et Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, 30 Octobre 2018.

  • Guillaume Latu, HDR, “Contribution à la simulation haute-performance et aux méthodes de calcul très extensibles", referees: R. Abgrall, F. Desprez, R. Namyst, reviewers: S. Genaud, J. Roman, E. Sonnendrücker, Université Strasbourg, spécialité: informatique et calcul scientifique, 18 Mai 2018.

  • Gilles Moreau, “On the solution phase of direct methods for sparse linear systems with multiple right-hand sides", referees: P. Amestoy, J. Erhel, L. Grigori, J.-Y. L'Excellent, reviewers: J. Gilbert, P. Ramet, ENS Lyon, spécialité: informatique, 10 Decembre 2018.