Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

International Initiatives

Collaboration with University of British Columbia, Canada

Participants : Laurent Mevel, Michael Doehler, Alexander Mendler.

Alexander Mendler's PhD thesis started in September 2018 co-supervised by M. Doehler and C. Ventura.

Collaboration with BAM, Germany

Participants : Laurent Mevel, Michael Doehler, Eva Viefhues.

Eva Viefhues is currently PhD student of Laurent Mevel and Michel Doehler in Berlin, financed by BAM. M. Doehler is also associate researcher of the BAM institut since 2016.

Collaboration with Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Participant : Michael Doehler.

During COST Action TU 1402 and previously at BAM, collaboration with Sebastian Thöns from DTU in Denmark started on risk analysis and SHM based reliability updating. Also, DTU's PhD student Lijia Long is involved.

Collaboration with Aalborg University, Denmark

Participant : Michael Doehler.

Together with Structural Vibration Solutions, collaboration with Aalborg University (professor Lars Damkilde, Department of Civil Engineering) has started during the PhD of Szymon Gres on damage detection methods.

Collaboration with Laval University, Canada

Participant : Jean Dumoulin.

In the Framework of On Duty Project (http://www.ondutycanada.ca) we are working on Non Destructive Testing techniques and automation of inspection process.