Section: New Software and Platforms


VERification of models for distributed communicating COmponants, with safety and Security

Keywords: Software Verification - Specification language - Model Checking

Functional Description: The VerCors tools include front-ends for specifying the architecture and behaviour of components in the form of UML diagrams. We translate these high-level specifications, into behavioural models in various formats, and we also transform these models using abstractions. In a final step, abstract models are translated into the input format for various verification toolsets. Currently we mainly use the various analysis modules of the CADP toolset.

Release Functional Description: It includes integrated graphical editors for GCM component architecture descriptions, UML classes, interfaces, and state-machines. The user diagrams can be checked using the recently published validation rules from, then the corresponding GCM components can be executed using an automatic generation of the application ADL, and skeletons of Java files.

Experimental version (2018) also includes algorithm for computing the symbolic semantics of Open Systems

  • Participants: Antonio Cansado, Bartlomiej Szejna, Eric Madelaine, Ludovic Henrio, Marcela Rivera, Nassim Jibai, Oleksandra Kulankhina and Siqi Li

  • Partner: East China Normal University Shanghai (ECNU)

  • Contact: Eric Madelaine

  • URL: https://team.inria.fr/scale/software/vercors/