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Section: New Results

Co-Simulation of Cyber-Physical Systems

Participants : Julien Deantoni, Giovanni Liboni, Robert de Simone.

While we continued to study and envision the past, present and future of co-simulation in [11], we already obtained promising results. In [14], we highlighted the current problems of the FMI co-simulation standards and more generally of existing coordination between actors of the co-simulation. We also shown that providing appropriate mean to communicate with the actors according to their internal semantics allows for dedicated coordinator providing better results than existing ones (speed up can reach 25 with a perfect accuracy). As shown in [14], the functional correctness of co-simulation can be violated by a non appropriate coordination of co-simulation actors. To avoid such phenomenon, we explored in [17] the possibility to formally prove the correctness of a coordinator according to properties defined by the actors. This last work is greatly exploratory but Julien Deantoni did a Short Term Scientific Mission (in the context of the MPM4CPS cost action (http://mpm4cps.eu/)) in the MSDL Lab in Antwerp to understand more deeply the problem and potential solutions. Preliminary interesting results have been obtained (http://mpm4cps.eu/STSM/reports/material/STSM_DeantoniJulien_Report_527.pdf) and may be published in 2019.