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  • The Inria's Research Teams produce an annual Activity Report presenting their activities and their results of the year. These reports include the team members, the scientific program, the software developed by the team and the new results of the year. The report also describes the grants, contracts and the activities of dissemination and teaching. Finally, the report gives the list of publications of the year.

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2018 Project-Team Activity Report
Scalable Storage for Clouds and Beyond
Research centre: Rennes - Bretagne-Atlantique
In partnership with: Institut national des sciences appliquées de Rennes, Université Rennes 1, École normale supérieure de Rennes

In collaboration with: Institut de recherche en informatique et systèmes aléatoires (IRISA)

Field: Networks, Systems and Services, Distributed Computing

Theme: Distributed and High Performance Computing
Computer Science and Digital Science:
  • A1.1.4. - High performance computing
  • A1.1.5. - Exascale
  • A1.1.9. - Fault tolerant systems
  • A1.3. - Distributed Systems
  • A1.3.5. - Cloud
  • A1.3.6. - Fog, Edge
  • A1.6. - Green Computing
  • A3.1.2. - Data management, quering and storage
  • A3.1.3. - Distributed data
  • A3.1.8. - Big data (production, storage, transfer)
  • A6.2.7. - High performance computing
  • A6.3. - Computation-data interaction
  • A7.1. - Algorithms
  • A7.1.1. - Distributed algorithms
Other Research Topics and Application Domains:
  • B3.2. - Climate and meteorology
  • B3.3.1. - Earth and subsoil
  • B8.2. - Connected city
  • B9.5.6. - Data science