Section: Research Program

Scientific background

Linkmedia is a multidisciplinary research team, with multimedia data as the main object of study. We are guided by the data and their specificity—semantically interpretable, heterogeneous and multimodal, available in large amounts, unstructured and disconnected—, as well as by the related problems and applications.

With multimedia data at the center, orienting our choices of methods and algorithms and serving as a basis for experimental validation, the team is directly contributing to the following scientific fields:

  • multimedia: content-based analysis; multimodal processing and fusion; multimedia applications;

  • computer vision: compact description of images; object and event detection;

  • natural language processing: topic segmentation; information extraction;

  • information retrieval: high-dimensional indexing; approximate k-nn search; efficient set comparison.

Linkmedia also takes advantage of advances in the following fields, adapting recent developments to the multimedia area:

  • signal processing: image processing; compression;

  • machine learning: deep architectures; structured learning; adversarial learning;

  • security: data encryption; differential privacy;

  • data mining: time series mining and alignment; pattern discovery; knowledge extraction.