Section: New Software and Platforms


Keywords: Data mining - Closed itemset - Frequent itemset - Generator - Association rule - Rare itemset

Functional Description: The Coron platform is a KDD toolkit organized around three main components: (1) Coron-base, (2) AssRuleX, and (3) pre- and post-processing modules.

The Coron-base component includes a complete collection of data mining algorithms for extracting itemsets such as frequent itemsets, closed itemsets, generators and rare itemsets. In this collection we can find APriori, Close, Pascal, Eclat, Charm, and, as well, original algorithms such as ZART, Snow, Touch, and Talky-G. AssRuleX generates different sets of association rules (from itemsets), such as minimal non-redundant association rules, generic basis, and informative basis. In addition, the Coron system supports the whole life-cycle of a data mining task and proposes modules for cleaning the input dataset, and for reducing its size if necessary.

  • Participants: Adrien Coulet, Aleksey Buzmakov, Amedeo Napoli, Florent Marcuola, Jérémie Bourseau, Laszlo Szathmary, Mehdi Kaytoue, Victor Codocedo and Yannick Toussaint

  • Contact: Amedeo Napoli

  • URL: http://coron.loria.fr/site/index.php