Section: Dissemination

Promoting Scientific Activities

Scientific Events Organisation

Member of the Organizing Committees

Scientific Events Selection

Chair of Conference Program Committees


Member of the Editorial Boards
  • Elisha Falbel is a member of the editorial board of São Paulo Journal of Mathematical Sciences - Springer

  • Antoine Joux is a member of the editorial board of Designs, Codes and Cryptography

  • Fabrice Rouillier is a member of the editorial board of Journal of Symbolic Computation

Reviewer - Reviewing Activities
  • Antonin Guilloux is reviewer in several journals, including Duke Math Journal.

  • Razvan Barbulescu is reviewer for several cryptology conferences including Eurocrypt and WAIFI.

Invited Talks

  • Razvan Barbulescu, Cryptography and algorithmic number theory, june 2018, Caen

  • Elisha Falbel, Colloquium Heidelberg, June 2018 -Heidelberg -Alemagne

  • Elisha Falbel, Representation varieties and geometric structures in low dimensions , July 2018 -Warwick-UK

  • Elisha Falbel, Modern Trends in Differential Geometry, July 2018, Sao Paulo- Brazil

  • Antonin Guilloux, Computation in Geometric Topology, December 2017 - Warwick - UK.

  • Antonin Guilloux, Mahler Measure and values of L-functions, August 2018 - Copenhagen - Denmark.

  • Antoine Joux, JFLI (UMI CNRS) / Tokyo university, May 2018, Tokyo https://jfliwp.prod.lamp.cnrs.fr/2018/04/13/jfli-seminar-on-the-mersenne-cryptosystem/

  • Antoine Joux, Invited Lecture at the conference Lattice crypto and algorithms, May 2018, Bertinoro, Italy

  • Antoine Joux, The Mersenne Cryptosystem, Nanyang University, June 2018, Singapore

Research Administration

  • Fabrice Rouillier is a member of the scientific commitee of the Indo French Centre for Applied Mathematics