Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

European Initiatives

H2020 Project AI4EU - ICT-26-2018 Artificial Intelligence

From February 2018 to Sept 2018, James Crowley has participated in the core writing team for the H2020 proposal AI4EU submitted to the call ICT-26-2018 Artificial Intelligence. The project proposal was submitted in April 2018. The consortium has been notified in September 2018 that the project has been accepted for funding, and will begin on 1 January 2019.

AI4EU will bring together European researchers, educators, entrepreneurs and socio-economic innovators around a shared, crowd-sourced, innovation ecosystem that lowers barriers for education, research and innovation through AI. This ecosystem will be constructed by federating existing national innovation platforms and their user communities wherever possible, and by completing this federation with new components, new services and new enabling technologies that respond to opportunities for innovation.

H2020 FET Flagship Humane AI

James Crowley has participated as part of the core team for the proposal to create a FET Flagship named Humane AI. The Humane AI Flagship will develop the scientific and technological foundations needed to shape the AI revolution in a direction that is beneficial to humans on both individual and social level and strictly adheres to European ethical values and social norms. The core concept is that of AI systems that understand and adapt to complex dynamic environments and social settings in order enhance human capabilities and empower people as individuals and the society as whole.

Following a successful 1st stage proposal submitted in 2017, the consortium was invited to submit a 2nd stage proposal in Sept. 2018. We have been notified in November that this 2nd stage proposal has been accepted for funding. The project is start date is proposed for March 2019.