Section: Research Program

Sound and Reproducible Experimental Methodology

Participants : Vincent Danjean, Nicolas Gast, Guillaume Huard, Arnaud Legrand, Patrick Loiseau, Jean-Marc Vincent.

Experiments in large scale distributed systems are costly, difficult to control and therefore difficult to reproduce. Although many of these digital systems have been built by men, they have reached such a complexity level that we are no longer able to study them like artificial systems and have to deal with the same kind of experimental issues as natural sciences. The development of a sound experimental methodology for the evaluation of resource management solutions is among the most important ways to cope with the growing complexity of computing environments. Although computing environments come with their own specific challenges, we believe such general observation problems should be addressed by borrowing good practices and techniques developed in many other domains of science.

This research theme builds on a transverse activity on Open science and reproducible research and is organized into the following two directions: (1) Experimental design (2) Smart monitoring and tracing. As we will explain in more detail hereafter, these transverse activity and research directions span several research areas and our goal within the POLARIS project is foremost to transfer original ideas from other domains of science to the distributed and high performance computing community.