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Section: Highlights of the Year

Highlights of the Year

  • Pierre Rouchon was the main organizer of the spring thematic quarter at Institut Henri Poincaré entitled "Measurement and control of quantum systems: theory and experiments" (16 April – 13 July 2018). This thematic quarter included courses, lectures and conferences. In particular, a research school of one week at CIRM, two 3-day workshops in May and June and the 2018 issue of PRACQSYS conference in July were organized throughout the quarter. This thematic quarter involved several hundred of participants. See IHP web page (http://www.ihp.fr/en/CEB/T2-2018), CIRM web page (https://conferences.cirm-math.fr/1732.html) and the specific quarter web site (https://sites.google.com/view/mcqs2018/home).

  • QUANTIC has received a sub-award from Yale university for pursuing the collaborations of Mazyar Mirrahimi and his students/postdocs. In the framework of a new ARO (Army Research Office) grant received by our collaborators at Yale, QUANTIC receives 500k dollars over 4 years to fund the hiring of PhD students/ postdocs working on the collaborative subjects with Yale and also to cover the travels between Inria and Yale.

  • Alain Sarlette has received a JCJC ANR grant entitled HAMROQS "High-accuracy model reduction for open quantum systems". This grant of 212k euros over 4 years will fund the activities of Alain Sarlette and his students/postdocs on systematic methods for quantum systems model reduction.

  • PhD students of Alain Sarlette, Arash Farnam and Simon Apers, defended their PhD at his previous institution (Ghent university, Belgium).

  • Mazyar Mirrahimi was an invited speaker at the American Physical Society March Meeting in Los Angeles.

  • Mazyar Mirrahimi was a semi-plenary speaker at MTNS in Hong Kong (Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems).