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Overall Objectives
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Section: New Results

Structural instability of driven Josephson circuits prevented by an inductive shunt

Participants: Lucas Verney, Raphaël Lescanne, Zaki Leghtas, Mazyar Mirrahimi.

Superconducting circuits are a versatile platform to implement a multitude of Hamiltonians which perform quantum computation, simulation and sensing tasks. A key ingredient for realizing a desired Hamiltonian is the irradiation of the circuit by a strong drive. These strong drives provide an insitu control of couplings, which cannot be obtained by near-equilibrium Hamiltonians. However, as shown in our result, out-of-equilibrium systems are easily plagued by complex dynamics leading to instabilities. Predicting and preventing these instabilities is crucial, both from a fundamental and application perspective. We propose an inductively shunted transmon as the elementary circuit optimized for strong parametric drives. Developing a novel numerical approach that avoids the built-in limitations of perturbative analysis, we demonstrate that adding the inductive shunt significantly extends the range of pump powers over which the circuit behaves in a stable manner. This collaborative work between the Quantic team and Michel Devoret at Yale has been recently submitted for publication [25].