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Section: New Results

Coherent oscillations inside a quantum manifold stabilized by dissipation

Participants: Zaki Leghtas, Mazyar Mirrahimi

Manipulating the state of a logical quantum bit usually comes at the expense of exposing it to decoherence. Fault-tolerant quantum computing tackles this problem by manipulating quantum information within a stable manifold of a larger Hilbert space, whose symmetries restrict the number of independent errors. The remaining errors do not affect the quantum computation and are correctable after the fact. Here we implement the autonomous stabilization of an encoding manifold spanned by Schrödinger cat states in a superconducting cavity. We show Zeno-driven coherent oscillations between these states analogous to the Rabi rotation of a qubit protected against phase flips. Such gates are compatible with quantum error correction and hence are crucial for fault-tolerant logical qubits. This experimental work follows our previous theoretical proposal  [70]. It is a collaboration between the Quantic team and the group of Michel Devoret at Yale university and was published in [18].