Overall Objectives
Application Domains
Overall Objectives
Application Domains

Section: Dissemination

Promoting Scientific Activities

Scientific Events Organisation

General Chair, Scientific Chair

Pierre Rouchon was the main organizer of the spring thematic quarter at Institut Henri Poincaré entitled "Measurement and control of quantum systems: theory and experiments" (16 April – 13 July 2018). This thematic quarter includes courses, lectures and conferences. In particular a research school of one week at CIRM, two 3-day workshops in May and June and the 2018 issue of PRACQSYS conference in July, were organized in this framework. This thematic quarter involved several hundred of participants. See IHP web page (http://www.ihp.fr/en/CEB/T2-2018), CIRM web page (https://conferences.cirm-math.fr/1732.html) and the specific quarter web site (https://sites.google.com/view/mcqs2018/home).

Member of the Organizing Committees


Member of the Editorial Boards

Pierre Rouchon is member of the editorial board of Annual Reviews in Control.

Reviewer - Reviewing Activities
  • Zaki Leghtas and Mazyar Mirrahimi were reviewer of Physical Review Journals.

  • Pierre Rouchon and Alain Sarlette were reviewer for several automatic control and dynamical systems journals and conferences.

Invited Talks

  • Zaki Leghtas: Sirteq 2018. Institut d'optique Paris. Invited by Patrice Bertet.

  • Zaki Leghtas: ONE-QOS workshop. Max Planck, Erlangen, Germany. Invited by Florian Marquardt.

  • Zaki Leghtas: IHP workshop on quantum control and feedback, Paris, France. Invited by Eleni Diamanti.

  • Zaki Leghtas: LIA CNRS-Université de Sherbrooke workshop, Saint-Rémy, France. Invited by Denis Vion.

  • Zaki Leghtas: University of Berkeley. Berkeley, USA. Invited by Irfan Siddiqi.

  • Zaki Leghtas: Rigetti Quantum Computing. Berkeley, USA. Invited by Chad Rigetti.

  • Pierre Rouchon: lecture at the QUACO ANR Meeting in Besançon, September 24-26, Models and feedback issues for open quantum systems.

  • Pierre Rouchon: plenary speaker at Mexican Annual Conference on Automatic Control. 10-12 October 2018, San Luis Potosi, Dynamical models and feedback issues for super-conducting quantum circuits.

  • Pierre Rouchon: 2-hour course in the Colloquium of the Physics Department, ENS-Paris, October 23 (introduction to quantum cryptography, computation and error correction).

  • Alain Sarlette: dynamical systems seminar series, March 2018, Jussieu.

  • Alain Sarlette: seminar at IHP trimester on Quantum Control, May 2018.

  • Alain Sarlette: Praqcsys: Principles and Applications of Control in Quantum Systems, IHP, Paris, July 2018.

  • Mazyar Mirrahimi: American Physical Society March Meeting, Los Angeles, March 2018.

  • Mazyar Mirrahimi: Semi-plenary speaker at MTNS (Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems), Hong Kong, July 2018.

  • Mazyar Mirrahimi: Centre de Recherche Mathematique de Montreal, Octobre 2018.

  • Mazyar Mirrahimi: 4-hour course at Institut d'Optique, Introduction to Quantum Computing, June 2018.

  • Alain Sarlette: lectures on quantum control and quantum computing at the Ecole d'Automatique de Grenoble summer school, August 2018

  • Pierre Rouchon, Alain Sarlette, Rémi Azouit, Paolo Forni and Francesca Chittaro have given a lecture series about "adiabatic elimination for open quantum systems" at the IHP trimester on Quantum Control.

  • Jérémie Guillaud: Yale university, Nov 2018.

Research Administration

  • Pierre Rouchon is a member of the scientific committee of LAGEP (Laboratoire d’Automatique et de Génie des Procédés) since 2017.

  • Pierre Rouchon is a membre of the "Conseil Scientifique du DIM Math Innov" since 2017.

  • Pierre Rouchon is a member of the "Conseil de la recherche de PSL " since 2016.

  • Pierre Rouchon is a member of the "Conseil Scientifique du Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers" since 2014.

  • Mazyar Mirrahimi is the co-president of Inria's comité des emplois scientifiques.

  • Mazyar Mirrahimi was a member of ANR Comité d'Evaluation Scientifique on Quantum Technologies.