Section: New Software and Platforms


Abstract Categorial Grammar Development Toolkit

Keywords: Natural language processing - NLP - Syntactic analysis - Semantics

Scientific Description: Abstract Categorial Grammars (ACG) are a grammatical formalism in which grammars are based on typed lambda-calculus. A grammar generates languages: the abstract language (the language of parse structures), and the object language (the language of the surface forms, e.g., strings, or higher-order logical formulas), which is the realization of the abstract language.

ACGtk provides two softwares to develop and to use ACGs: acgc, which is a grammar compiler, and acg, which is an interpreter of a command language that allows us, for instance, to parse and realize terms.

Functional Description: ACGtk provides softwares for developing and using Abstract Categorial Grammars (ACG).

News Of The Year: The new version extends the syntax for defining operators that can be used in grammars and removes dependencies to obsolete libraries. It also introduces some light optimizations compared to the previous one.