Section: New Software and Platforms


Analysis tool for weakly-hard real-time systems

Keywords: Real time - Scheduling analyses

Functional Description: pyCPA_TWCA is a pyCPA plugin for Typical Worst-Case Analysis. pyCPA is an open-source Python implementation of Compositional Performance Analysis developed at TU Braunschweig, which allows in particular response-time analysis. pyCPA_TWCA is an extension of that tool that is co-developed by Sophie Quinton and Zain Hammadeh at TU Braunschweig. It allows in particular the computation of weakly-hard guarantees for real-time tasks, i.e. number of deadline misses out of a sequence of executions. So far, pyCPA_TWCA is restricted to uniprocessor systems of independent tasks. pyCPA_TWCA can handle the following scheduling policies: Fixed Priority Preemptive, Fixed Priority Non-Preemptive, Weighted Round-Robin, Earliest Deadline First.

  • Contact: Sophie Quinton