Section: New Software and Platforms


Certifier of CAN bus analysis results

Keywords: Certification - CAN bus - Real time - Static analysis

Functional Description: CertiCAN is a tool, produced using the Coq proof assistant, allowing the formal certification of the correctness of CAN bus analysis results. Result certification is a process that is light-weight and flexible compared to tool certification, which makes it a practical choice for industrial purposes. The analysis underlying CertiCAN, which is based on a combined use of two well-known CAN analysis techniques, is computationally efficient. Experiments demonstrate that CertiCAN is able to certify the results of RTaW-Pegase, an industrial CAN analysis tool, even for large systems. Furthermore, CertiCAN can certify the results of any other RTA tool for the same analysis and system model (periodic tasks with offsets in transactions).

  • Contact: Xiaojie Guo