Section: Highlights of the Year

Highlights of the Year

Change of team leader

Participants: Olivier Zendra, Axel Legay

Olivier Zendra was appointed team leader instead of Axel Legay on 12 Oct 2018.

"Chaire Analyse de Menaces" (Threat Analysis)

Participants: Fabrizio Biondi

Fabrizio Biondi resigned from Centrale Supelec and from the "Chaire Analyse de Menaces" (Threat Analysis) on 31 Dec 2018.

TeamPlay H2020 project, coordinated by Olivier Zendra

Participants: Olivier Zendra, Cécile Bouton, Yoann Marquer, Céline Minh, Tania Richmond

Launch on Jan 2018 of the TeamPlay (https://www.teamplay-h2020.eu) H2020 project (that had been submitted 25 April 2017), about the integration of nonfunctional properties in programs. TAMIS is in charge of security properties.