Creation of the Project-Team: 2008 July 01

Section: Team, Visitors, External Collaborators

Research Scientists

Frédéric Cazals [Team leader, Inria, Senior Researcher, HDR]

Mehmet Serkan Apaydin [Inria, Starting Research Position, until May 2019]

Dorian Mazauric [Inria, Researcher]

PhD Students

Thi Viet Ha Nguyen [Inria, PhD Student]

Timothée O'Donnell [Inria, PhD Student]

Méliné Simsir [Univ Côte d'Azur, PhD Student]

Interns and Apprentices

Gabriel Djebbar [Inria, from Jul 2019 until Aug 2019]

Maria Guramare [Inria, from May 2019 until Aug 2019]

Guilherme Sales Santa Cruz [Inria, from Feb 2019 until Jul 2019]

Administrative Assistant

Florence Barbara [Inria, Administrative Assistant]

Visiting Scientist

Thiziri Nait Saada [Eurecom, from Sep 2019]

External Collaborator

Charles Robert [CNRS, HDR]