Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

International Initiatives

Inria International Labs

Joint Laboratory for Extreme Scale Computing (JLESC) (2014-2023)

Participants : Thierry Gautier, Christian Perez.

Partners: NCSA (US), ANL (US), Inria (FR), Jülich Supercomputing Centre (DE), BSC (SP), Riken (JP).

The purpose of the Joint Laboratory for Extreme Scale Computing (JLESC) is to be an international, virtual organization whose goal is to enhance the ability of member organizations and investigators to make the bridge between Petascale and Extreme computing. The founding partners of the JLESC are Inria and UIUC. Further members are ANL, BSC, JSC and RIKEN-AICS.

JLESC involves computer scientists, engineers and scientists from other disciplines as well as from industry, to ensure that the research facilitated by the Laboratory addresses science and engineering's most critical needs and takes advantage of the continuing evolution of computing technologies.


Associate Team involved in the International Lab:

  • Title: Sustainable Ultra Scale compuTing, dAta and energy Management

  • International Partner (Institution - Laboratory - Researcher):

  • Start year: 2017

  • See also: http://avalon.ens-lyon.fr/sustam

  • The SUSTAM associate team will focus on the joint design of a multi-criteria orchestration framework dealing with resources, data and energy management in an sustainable way. The SUSTAM associated team will enable a long-term collaboration between the Inria Avalon team and the Rutgers Discovery Informatics Institute (RDI2) from Rutgers University (USA).