Section: Application Domains


The Avalon team targets applications with large computing and/or data storage needs, which are still difficult to program, maintain, and deploy. Those applications can be parallel and/or distributed applications, such as large scale simulation applications or code coupling applications. Applications can also be workflow-based as commonly found in distributed systems such as grids or clouds.

The team aims at not being restricted to a particular application field, thus avoiding any spotlight. The team targets different HPC and distributed application fields, which brings use cases with different issues. This will be eased by our various collaborations: the team participates to the Inria -Illinois Joint Laboratory for Petascale Computing, the Physics, Radiobiology, Medical Imaging, and Simulation French laboratory of excellence, the E-Biothon project, the Inria large scale initiative Computer and Computational Sciences at Exascale (C2S@Exa), and to BioSyL, a federative research structure about Systems Biology of the University of Lyon. Moreover, the team members have a long tradition of cooperation with application developers such as Cerfacs and EDF R&D. Last but not least, the team has a privileged connection with CC-IN2P3 that opens up collaborations, in particular in the astrophysics field.

In the following, some examples of representative applications that we are targeting are presented. In addition to highlighting some application needs, they also constitute some of the use cases that will used to valide our theoretical results.