Section: New Software and Platforms


Seed based Deployment

Keywords: Reproducibility - Deployment - Cloud

Scientific Description: SeeDep aims at devising a new way where researchers can communicate in a comprehensive and accurate way the experimentation set-up used in their work. It lies on two components: (i) a public algorithm that generates experimentation networks, and (ii) a generation key (i.e. a seed) that can be shared which specifies the said network. Therefore, researchers only need to share (in their paper for instance) the “generation key” that corresponds to their experimentation network. With such key, any other researcher/professional will be able to re-generate a comprehensive and accurate model of the same network.

Functional Description: SeeDep is a framework aiming at generating, reproducing and deploying experiments set-up on different Cloud platforms.

  • Participants: Cyril Seguin and Eddy Caron

  • Partner: Nokia Bell Labs

  • Contact: Eddy Caron