Section: Application Domains


Cagire is presently involved in studies mainly related to:

  • The combustion chamber wall: the modelling, the simulation and the experimentation of the flow around a multiperforated plate representative of a real combustion chamber wall are the three axes we have been developing during the recent period. The continuous improvement of our in-house test facility Maveric is also an important ingredient to produce our own experimental validation data for isothermal flows. For non-isothermal flows, our participation in the EU funded program Soprano will be giving us access to non-isothermal data produced by Onera.

  • The flow around airfoils: the modelling of the turbulent boundary layer has been for almost a century a key issue in the aeronautics industry. However, even the more advanced RANS models face difficulties in predicting the influence of pressure gradients on the development of the boundary layer. A main issue is the reliability of the modelling hypotheses, which is crucial for less conservative design. One of the technological barriers is the prediction of the flow in regimes close to the edge of the flight domain (stall, buffeting, unsteady loads) when the boundary layer is slowed down by an adverse pressure gradient. This is the subject of the CIFRE PhD thesis of Gustave Sporschill, started in 2018, in collaboration with Dassault Aviation.