Section: New Software and Platforms


Keyword: Finite element modelling

Functional Description: The AeroSol software is a high order finite element library written in C++. The code has been designed so as to allow for efficient computations, with continuous and discontinuous finite elements methods on hybrid and possibly curvilinear meshes. The work of the team CARDAMOM (previously Bacchus) is focused on continuous finite elements methods, while the team Cagire is focused on discontinuous Galerkin methods. However, everything is done for sharing the largest part of code we can. More precisely, classes concerning IO, finite elements, quadrature, geometry, time iteration, linear solver, models and interface with PaMPA are used by both of the teams. This modularity is achieved by mean of template abstraction for keeping good performances. The distribution of the unknowns is made with the software PaMPA , developed within the team TADAAM (and previously in Bacchus) and the team Castor.

News Of The Year: In 2019, the following points were addressed in AeroSol

*Update, documentation, and wiki for the test case

*exact solution of Riemann problem and exact Godunov solver

*Development of Droplet model, and of a Baer and Nunziato diphasic model.

*Beginning of implementation of eddy viscosity models (k-epsilon, Spalart-Almarras) turbulence models.

*Add the possibility of mesh dependent data (for example, a flow computed by AeroSol with the Euler system) for being used as input for another model (e.g. advection of droplets within this flow). This feature is used also for wall distance for turbulent models.

*Penalization problems, with single core mesh adaptation was merged in the master branch.

*Improvements of PETSc usage: possibility of solving linear problems that are not of size nvar, usage of MUMPS LU solver through PETSc.

*Interfacing with SLEPc for solving eigenvalues and eigenvectors problems.

*High order visualization based on GMSH.

*Beginning of interfacing with PARMMG for parallel mesh adaptation.

*Clean of warning, error messages, etc...

  • Participants: Benjamin Lux, Damien Genet, Mario Ricchiuto, Vincent Perrier, Héloïse Beaugendre, Subodh Madhav Joshi, Christopher Poette, Marco Lorini, Jonathan Jung and Enrique Gutierrez Alvarez

  • Partner: BRGM

  • Contact: Vincent Perrier