Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

Regional Initiatives

Labex CominLabs - BBC (2016-2020)

Participants : Olivier Sentieys, Cédric Killian, Joel Ortiz Sosa.

The aim of the BBC (on-chip wireless Broadcast-Based parallel Computing) project is to evaluate the use of wireless links between cores inside chips and to define new paradigms. Using wireless communications enables broadcast capabilities for Wireless Networks on Chip (WiNoC) and new management techniques for memory hierarchy and parallelism. The key objectives concern improvement of power consumption, estimation of achievable data rates, flexibility and reconfigurability, size reduction and memory hierarchy management. In this project, Cairn is addressing new low-power MAC (media access control) technique based on CDMA access as well as broadcast-based fast cooperation protocol designed for resource sharing (bandwidth, distributed memory, cache coherency) and parallel programming. For more details see https://bbc.cominlabs.u-bretagneloire.fr