Section: New Software and Platforms

MBI platform for structural bioinformatics

Initiated during the previous CPER projects Intelligence Logicielle (1999-2005) and MISN: Modelisation, Interactions et Systèmes Numériques (2006-2013), the MBI platform (MBI = Modelling Biomolecules and their Interactions) is today part of the SMEC platform coordinated by MD Devignes and M Smaïl-Tabbone (SMEC: Simulation, Modélisation et Extraction de Connaissances), in the frame of the ongoing CPER projet ITM2P (Innovations Technologiques et Modélisation pour la Médecine Personnalisée ; 2015-2020). The MBI platform is composed of several HPC and storage servers that are shared between users mostly for structural bioinformatics usages. The MBI platform is part of the bioinformatic platform network of the French Institute of Bioinformatics (IFB ; http://www.france-bioinformatique.fr.

  • Participants: Marie-Dominique Devignes [contact person], Isaure Chauvot de Beauchêne, Sjoerd de Vries, Antoine Moniot, Emmanuel Bresso, Philippe Noel, Patrice Ringot.

  • URL: https://mbi.loria.fr