Section: New Software and Platforms


Keywords: HPC - Cloud - Clusters - Resource manager - Light grid

Scientific Description: This batch system is based on a database (PostgreSQL (preferred) or MySQL), a script language (Perl) and an optional scalable administrative tool (e.g. Taktuk). It is composed of modules which interact mainly via the database and are executed as independent programs. Therefore, formally, there is no API, the system interaction is completely defined by the database schema. This approach eases the development of specific modules. Indeed, each module (such as schedulers) may be developed in any language having a database access library.

Functional Description: OAR is a versatile resource and task manager (also called a batch scheduler) for HPC clusters, and other computing infrastructures (like distributed computing experimental testbeds where versatility is a key).

  • Participants: Bruno Bzeznik, Olivier Richard and Pierre Neyron

  • Partners: LIG - CNRS - Grid'5000 - CIMENT

  • Contact: Olivier Richard

  • URL: http://oar.imag.fr