Section: Highlights of the Year

Highlights of the Year


We have started a collaboration with EKINOPS on the topic of Multi-access Edge Computing. The activity started with a CIFRE thesis. The PhD student Mamoutou Diarra started his PhD on this topic on November 2019.

ACM CoNEXT 2019 Artefact Evaluation Committee

As a continuation of our long lasting efforts in encouraging reproducibility [17], Damien Saucez and Mohamed Naoufal Mahfoudi from our project-team have co-chaired the ACM CoNEXT 2019 Artefact Evaluation Committee. In 2019, 11 papers out of the 32 accepted at the conference have requested for being evaluated, resulting in 10 artefacts being awarding with a badge. Interestingly, we are witnessing an important improvement in the quality of the artefacts proposed by the SIGCOMM community.