Section: Dissemination

Teaching - Supervision - Juries


  • Licence: Islam Boussaada,  Control of bioprocesses, 27h, 1st year, CentraleSupélec Université Paris-Saclay, France.

  • Licence: Silviu Niculescu,  Mathematics, 15h, 1st year, ENSMP Paris, France.

  • Licence: Silviu Niculescu,  Introduction to optimization, 30h, 1st year, ESIEE Paris, France.

  • Licence: Giorgio Valmorbida, Signal Processing, 1st year, 43h CentraleSupélec Université Paris-Saclay.

  • Master: Giorgio Valmorbida, Tutorials - Modelling, Control, Optimization and Electrical Machines, 1st and 2nd years, 55.5h, CentraleSupélec Université Paris-Saclay.

  • Master: Giorgio Valmorbida, Projects and Internship supervision, 2nd and 3rd years, 81h, CentraleSupélec Université Paris-Saclay.

  • Master: Giorgio Valmorbida, Nonlinear Systems, 3h, CentraleSupélec Executive Education, Université Paris-Saclay.

  • Master : Catherine Bonnet,  Stability properties and stabilization of interconnected dynamical systems involving delays, 20h, IPSA, France.

  • Master : Silviu Niculescu,  Signals and Systems, 12h, ESIEE Paris, France.

  • Master : Giorgio Valmorbida, Control, 40.5, Master MAE (M1), Université Paris-Saclay.

  • Master : Giorgio Valmorbida, Stability of Dynamical Systems, Master ATSI (M2), Université Paris-Saclay.

  • Doctorat : Silviu Niculescu, Controlling Delayed Dynamics: Advances in Theory, Methods and Applications, 7h, CISM Udine, Italy.


  • PhD in progress: Souad Amrane, on real pole-placement for retarded functional differential equations, University Mouloud Mammeri. Since 09/2017. Supervisors: Fazia Bedouhene and Islam Boussaada.

  • PhD in progress: Amina Benarab, Characterization of the exponential decay of linear delay systems solutions, University Paris Saclay. Since 10/2019. Supervisors: Catherine Bonnet, Islam Boussaada and Karim Trabelsi.

  • PhD: Caetano Cardeliquio, Contributions to the Theory of Time-Delay Systems: Stability and Stabilisation, UNICAMP & Université Paris Saclay, 27 September 2019; Supervisors : Catherine Bonnet and André Fioravanti.

  • PhD in progress: Leonardo Broering Groff, Commande Périodique Déclenché par Événements, Université Paris-Saclay et UFRGS. Since 03/2017. Supervisors: Giorgio Valmorbida and Joao Manoel Gomes da Silva Jr.

  • PhD in progress: Jose Castillo, Design, Modeling and control of multi drones for aerial handling, University Paris Saclay, 10/2018, Islam Boussaada and Juan Escareno.

  • PhD in progress: Naouel Debiane, Bond Graph modeling for robust control and diagnosis of macatronic systems, University of Lille. Since 03/2017. Supervisors: Belkacem Ould-Bouamama and Islam Boussaada.

  • PhD in progress: Ali Diab, Commande par filtrage non linéaire des systèmes d’assistance direction, Université Paris-Saclay. Since 10/2019. Supervisors: Giorgio Valmorbida and William Pasillas-Lepine.

  • PhD in progress: Ricardo Falcon Prado, Active vibration control of flexible structures under input saturation through delay-based controllers and anti- windup compensators, University Paris Saclay. Since 10/2019. Supervisors: Islam Boussaada and Sami Tliba.

  • PhD in progress: Javier Eduardo Pereyra Zamundio, New backstepping design for systems with delay: finite time stabilization, robust stabilization, CINVESTAV, Instituto Politecnico Nacional. Since 10/2019. Supervisors: Sabine Mondié and Frédéric Mazenc.

  • PhD in progress : Amira Remadna, On pole-placement approach for retarded functional differential equations, University Badji Mokhtar-Annaba. Since 09/2019. Supervisors: Islam Boussaada and Azzedine Benchettah.

  • Postdoc: Da-Jung Cho, Modelling of bacteria communication, May-August 2019. Supervisors: Catherine Bonnet, Matthias Fuegger and Thomas Nowak.


  • Catherine Bonnet was member of the Grenoble and Nancy Junior Researcher Inria recruiting committees.

  • Catherine Bonnet was President of the PhD thesis of Yanqiao Wei 'Non-asymptotic and Robust fractional order differentiators using generalized modulating functions', 15 November 2019, INSA Val de Loire.