Section: New Software and Platforms


PIT for Multi-module Project

Keywords: Mutation analysis - Mutation testing - Java - JUnit - Maven

Functional Description: PIT and Descartes are mutation testing systems for Java applications, which allows you to verify if your test suites can detect possible bugs, and so to evaluate the quality of your test suites. They evaluate the capability of your test suite to detect bugs using mutation testing (PIT) or extreme mutation testing (Descartes). Mutation testing does it by introducing small changes or faults into the original program. These modified versions are called mutants. A good test suite should able to kill or detect a mutant. Traditional mutation testing works at the instruction level, e.g., replacing ">" by "<=", so the number of generated mutants is huge, as the time required to check the entire test suite. That's why Extreme Mutation strategy appeared. In Extreme Mutation testing, the whole body of a method under test is removed. Descartes is a mutation engine plugin for PIT which implements extreme mutation operators. Both provide reports combining, line coverage, mutation score and list of weaknesses in the source.