Section: Dissemination

Teaching - Supervision - Juries


Gabriel Antoniu
  • Master (Engineering Degree, 5th year): Big Data, 24 hours (lectures), M2 level, ENSAI (École nationale supérieure de la statistique et de l'analyse de l'information), Bruz, France.

  • Master: Scalable Distributed Systems, 10 hours (lectures), M1 level, SDS Module, EIT ICT Labs Master School, France.

  • Master: Infrastructures for Big Data, 10 hours (lectures), M2 level, IBD Module, SIF Master Program, University of Rennes, France.

  • Master: Cloud Computing and Big Data, 10 hours (lectures), M2 level, Cloud Module, MIAGE Master Program, University of Rennes, France.

Alexandru Costan
  • Bachelor: Software Engineering and Java Programming, 28 hours (lab sessions), L3, INSA Rennes.

  • Bachelor: Databases, 68 hours (lectures and lab sessions), L2, INSA Rennes, France.

  • Bachelor: Practical case studies, 24 hours (project), L3, INSA Rennes.

  • Master: Big Data Storage and Processing, 28h hours (lectures, lab sessions), M1, INSA Rennes.

  • Master: Algorithms for Big Data, 28 hours (lectures, lab sessions), M2, INSA Rennes.

  • Master: Big Data Project, 28 hours (project), M2, INSA Rennes.

Luc Bougé
  • Bachelor: Introduction to programming concepts, 36 hours (lectures), L3 level, Informatics program, ENS Rennes, France.

  • Bachelor: Introduction to scientific research, 24 hours. Research center visits, individual research project supervised by local researchers, student seminars, summer internships, etc.

  • Master Program, Rennes: Invited presentation to the M2 students about Preparing your applications after your PhD (October 2019); Informatics as a scientific activity: Towards a responsible research (November 2019).

Pedro Silva
  • Master: Algorithms for Big Data, 4 hours (lectures), M2, INSA Rennes.

  • Master: Algorithms for Big Data, 6 hours (lab sessions), M2, INSA Rennes.


HdR completed this year
Alexandru Costan:

From Big Data to Fast Data: Efficient Stream Data Management, ENS Rennes, March 2019 [15].

PhD completed this year
Nathanaël Cheriere:

Towards Malleable Distributed Storage Systems? From Models to Practice, ENS Rennes, thesis defended in November 2019, co-advised by Gabriel Antoniu and Matthieu Dorier [14].

PhD in progress
Daniel Rosendo:

Enabling HPC-Big Data Convergence for Intelligent Extreme-Scale Analytics, INSA Rennes, thesis started in October 2019, co-advised by Gabriel Antoniu, Alexandru Costan and Patrick Valduriez (Inria).

Paul Le Noac'h:

Workflow Data Management as a Service for Multi-Site Applications, INSA Rennes, thesis started in November 2016, co-advised by Luc Bougé and Alexandru Costan. Thesis stopped in February 2019.


Luc Bougé:

Member of the jury the CAPES of mathématiques, Informatics track. This national committee selects more than 1000 mathematics teachers per year for French secondary schools and high-schools.