LFANT - 2019

Section: New Results


Participant : Razvan Barbulescu.

In [27], Razvan Barbulescu in a joint work with Nadia El Mrabet (École des Mines de Saint-Étienne) et Loubna Ghammam (Bosch) makes a review of the families of elliptic curves for pairing-based cryptology. This was necessary after the invention of a new variant of the NFS algorithm in 2016 by Barbulescu and Taechan Kim, which showed that the previously used key sizes for pairings were insecure. The novelty of this review article is double : first they consider a large number of families, some of which were never analysed in the literature because they were not likely to be the best and secondly they combine in the same article the security analysis of each family with a non-optimized implementation. This allows the industry to select a different family for each type of utilisation of pairings.