Section: Highlights of the Year

Highlights of the Year

Public exhibitions

Textile(s) 3D, exhibition at the Musée Ethnographique de Bordeaux (MEB), until May 29th, 2020: measurement and reproduction of textiles.

The program has targeted the faithful reproduction of the appearance of fragile textiles. To this end, an optical appearance measurement setup has been developped and installed in the basement of the museum. Several textiles have been measured, including ancient asian textiles from the MEB collection; the originals along with their digital reproduction have been shown to the visitors of the museum.


SID Display Week I-Zone, San José Convention Center, May 14-16, 2019: Prototype of an autostereoscopic transparent display

We have showcased a 5‐view, full‐color, autostereoscopic transparent display prototype that we have developed  [8], [13]. Its solution is much like a window that is able to superimpose autostereoscopic 3D data over the real world without the need of any wearables. There are many potential applications in augmented reality and head‐up display fields; for example, in automotive, advertisement, and educational areas.