Section: New Software and Platforms


C++ optimal transport solver on 2D grids

Keywords: Optimal transportation - Eigen - C++ - Image processing - Numerical solver

Functional Description: This is a lightweight implementation of "Instant Transport Maps on 2D Grids".

It currently supports L2-optimal maps from an arbitrary density defined on a uniform 2D grid (aka an image) to a square with uniform density. Inverse maps and maps between pairs of arbitrary images are then recovered through numerical inversion and composition resulting in density preserving but approximately optimal maps.

This code also includes with 3 mini applications:

- otmap: computes the forward and backward maps between one image and a uniform square or between a pair of images. The maps are exported as .off quad meshes. - stippling: adapt a uniformly distributed point cloud to a given image. - barycenters: computes linear (resp. bilinear) approximate Wasserstein barycenters between a pair (resp. four) images.

  • Contact: Gaël Guennebaud