Section: Dissemination

Teaching - Supervision - Juries


The members of our team are involved in teaching computer science at University of Bordeaux and Institut d'Optique Graduate School (IOGS). General computer science is concerned, as well as the following graphics related topics:

  • Master : Pierre Bénard, Gaël Guennebaud, Advanced Image Synthesis, 50 HETD, M2, Univ. Bdx, France.

  • Master : Antoine Lucat, Simulations Radiométriques avancées, 20 HETD, M2, IOGS, France

  • Master : Gaël Guennebaud, Geometric Modeling, 31 HETD, M2, IOGS, France

  • Master : Gaël Guennebaud and Pierre Bénard, 3D Worlds, 60 HETD, M1, Univ. Bdx and IOGS, France.

  • Master : Pierre Bénard, Patrick Reuter, Virtual Reality, 20 HETD, M2, Univ. Bdx, France.

  • Master : Patrick Reuter, Graphical user interfaces and Spatial augmented reality seminars, M2, ESTIA, France.

  • Licence : Patrick Reuter, Digital Imaging, 30 HETD, L3, Univ. Bdx, France.

One member is also in charge of a field of study:

  • Master : Pierre Bénard, M2 “Informatique pour l'Image et le Son”, Univ de Bordeaux, France.

Pierre Bénard was also part of the education team of the DIU (Diplôme Inter-Universitaire) titled “Numérique et Sciences Informatiques” which is opened to secondary professors that are teaching Computer Science in high school. The first session took place during the last three weeks of June.


  • PhD: Thomas Crespel, Optical and software tools for the design of a new transparent 3D display, Inria & Univ. Bordeaux, P. Reuter & X. Granier, 9 December 2019

  • PhD in progress: Antoine Lucat, Appearance Acquisition and Rendering, IOGS & Univ. Bordeaux, R. Pacanowski & X. Granier

  • PhD in progress: Charlotte Herzog, 3 dimensions X-rays imaging for medical applications, Imaging Optics, IOGS & Univ. Bordeaux, X. Granier

  • PhD in progress: Camille Brunel, Real-Time Animation and Deformation of 3D Characters, Inria & Univ. Bordeaux, P. Barla, G. Guennebaud & P. Bénard

  • PhD in progress: Megane Bati, Inverse Design for Complex Material Apperance, IOGS & Univ. Bordeaux, R. Pacanowski & P. Barla

  • PhD in progress: Charlie Schlick, Augmented reality with transparent multi-view screens, Inria & Univ. Bordeaux, P. Reuter

  • PhD in progress: Corentin Cou, Characterization of visual appearance for 3D restitution and exploration of monumental heritage, Inria & IOGS & CNRS/INHA, G. Guennebaud, X. Granier, M. Volait, R. Pacanowski.


  • PhD (jury member) : Johanna Delanoy, Université Côte d'Azur (June 4th).

  • PhD (jury member) : Fan Zhang, TU Delft, Netherlands (October 29th).

  • PhD (reviewer) : Xavier Chermain, Université de Limoges (November 27th).

Pierre Bénard was the president of a jury for the Professional Baccalauréat (June 4th and 9th).