Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

Regional Initiatives

Liv-Lab Breizh Digital Sport

Participants : Richard Kulpa [contact] , Benoit Bideau, Franck Multon.

Our project aims, through new virtual reality and augmented reality technologies, to bring people who do not practice physical activity back into sport, whether for economic reasons, or for issues related to social and/or geographical isolation. To achieve this, the Brittany Region, accompanied by identified partners with complementary skills, proposes the development and networking of dedicated rooms at regional level. These existing rooms are chosen to be as close as possible to the target population, i.e. in priority areas: in the City Political District (QPV) for Rennes and Brest, and in the Rural Area to be Revitalized (ZRR) for Auray and Rostrenen. They will be redesigned to integrate these new technologies and attract target populations through the development of remote entertainment and collaborative applications. Indeed, the rooms will be connected to each other allowing participants to train together and create a community of practitioners. They will be equipped with simple sensors to evaluate their practices using a multidisciplinary cross-disciplinary approach, with biomechanical, physiological and psychological analyses (M2S/MimeTIC, CREAD and VIPS² laboratories). These evaluations will be used to propose physical activities that are progressive and adapted to the level of the practitioner. Access to objective data on their performance will be an additional motivating factor to keep these target audiences active. Support to local structures will allow them to extend their sporting experience after leaving Liv-Lab. Finally, subjects suffering from pathologies that are too disabling will be redirected to a health network, such as Rennes in the Living Lab ISAR (Innovation Santé Autonomie Rennes).