New Software and Platforms
New Software and Platforms

Section: Dissemination

Promoting Scientific Activities

Scientific Events: Organisation

General Chair, Scientific Chair
Member of the Organizing Committees

I. Waldspurger has co-organized a session on phase retrieval at the SamTA conference 2019.

Scientific Events: Selection


V. Duval has reviewed several contributions for the GRETSI conference.


Member of the Editorial Boards

G. Carlier is on the Editorial board of J. Ec. Polytechnique, Mathematics and Fin. Econ., Applied Math. and Optim., Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications and J. Dyn. Games,

Reviewer - Reviewing Activities

I. Waldspurger has performed reviews for several journals (Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis, Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing and IEEE Transactions on Information Theory) and for the ICML conference.

V. Duval has performed reviews for SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences, Information and Inference: a Journal of the IMA, Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society, Inverse Problems.

T. O. Gallouët has performed reviews for Analysis & PDE, Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis ARMA, Mathematics of computation (Math. of Comp.).

A. Natale has performed reviews for Journal of Scientific Computing (JOMP).

P. Pegon has performed reviews for Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications and Advances in Calculus of Variations.

Invited Talks

  • J-D. Benamou, Seminar Monash University (Aug., Melbourne), Workshop on Monge-Ampère in honor of Prof. J. Urbas (Aug. , Kiama), Workshop on Optimal Transport and Optimal Patterns (Sept. , Edinburgh), Workshop on Risk in Finance (Oct. , Marseille)

  • V. Duval: Workshop Variational methods and optimization in Imaging (IHP, Paris), Workshop on Signal and Image Analysis (MSIA'19, Burghausen, Germany), Two workshops at Conference on Applied Inverse Problems (AIP'19, Grenoble), Workshop Computational aspects of Geometry (U. Paul Sabatier, Toulouse), Conference Optimization on Measure Spaces (U. Paul Sabatier, Toulouse)

  • G. Carlier Orsay (ANEDP), workshop Transport optimal Toulouse, ANR Shapo (Paris 7), Workshop Optimal Transport and Economics (Fields Institute, Toronto), Optimal transport in analysis and probability (Vienne, E. Schrodinger Institute).

  • I. Waldspurger: Workshop on operator theoretic methods in dynamic data analysis and control (UCLA, États-Unis), workshop on imaging and machine learning (IHP, Paris), series of lectures on waves and imaging (ETH Zurich), séminaire parisien d'optimisation (IHP, Paris), workshop on computational aspects of geometry (U. Paul Sabatier, Toulouse)

  • A. Natale: MAGA days (Université Paris-Sud, Paris), Journé de rentrée de l'equipe ANEDP (Université Paris-Sud, Paris), Rencontres Inria-LJLL en calcul scientifique (LJLL, Paris), Workshop on Variational Discretization for GFD (Fields Institute, Canada).

  • P. Pegon: Séminaire d'analyse (EPFL, Lausanne, Suisse)

  • T. O. Gallouët: Séminaire CMAP, École polytechnique.