Section: Research Program

Inside Shape Vision

Another research axis is concerned with the ability to perceive inside moving shapes. This is a more recent research theme in the MORPHEO team that has gained importance. It was originally the research associated to the Kinovis platform installed in the Grenoble Hospitals. This platform is equipped with two X-ray cameras and ten color cameras, enabling therefore simultaneous vision of inside and outside shapes. We believe this opens a new domain of investigation at the interface between computer vision and medical imaging. Interesting issues in this domain include the links between the outside surface of a shape and its inner parts, especially with the human body. These links are likely to help understanding and modeling human motions. Until now, numerous dynamic shape models, especially in the computer graphic domain, consist of a surface, typically a mesh, bound to a skeletal structure that is never observed in practice but that help anyway parameterizing human motion. Learning more accurate relationships using observations can therefore significantly impact the domain.