Section: Research Program

Shape and Appearance Modeling

Standard acquisition platforms, including commercial solutions proposed by companies such as Microsoft, 3dMD or 4DViews, now give access to precise 3D models with geometry, e.g. meshes, and appearance information, e.g. textures. Still, state-of-the-art solutions are limited in many respects: They generally consider limited contexts and close setups with typically at most a few meter side lengths. As a result, many dynamic scenes, even a body running sequence, are still challenging situations; They also seldom exploit time redundancy; Additionally, data driven strategies are yet to be fully investigated in the field. The MORPHEO team builds on the Kinovis platform for data acquisition and has addressed these issues with, in particular, contributions on time integration, in order to increase the resolution for both shapes and appearances, on representations, as well as on exploiting recent machine learning tools when modeling dynamic scenes. Our originality lies, for a large part, in the larger scale of the dynamic scenes we consider as well as in the time super resolution strategy we investigate. Another particularity of our research is a strong experimental foundation with the multiple camera Kinovis platforms.