Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

European Initiatives

FP7 & H2020 Projects

AI4EU - A European AI On-Demand Platform and Ecosystem

Call: H2020 ICT-26-2018-2020

Coordinateur: Thales Systems

Partners: 79 European institutions

Dates: Jan 2019 through Dec 2021

AI4EU will build a comprehensive European AI-on-demand Platform that provides innovators in all areas of society with access to expertise, knowledge, algorithms and tools for developing, deploying and funding innovations based on Artificial Intelligence.

The aim is to empower actors across a broad spectrum of commercial, industrial and societal sectors in Europe with tools for innovation through AI Technologies. By bringing together a whole ecosystem of researchers, innovators, SMEs, large corporations, students and many others, around a single access point to AI resources, we will lower the barriers to education, research and innovation. Moreover, the AI4EU Platform will embrace on European values, respect European laws and support a human-centric approach providing a competitive advantage for European players.

H2020 FET Human AI

Call: H2020 FETFLAG-01-2018

Coordinateur: DFKI

Partners: 49 European institutions

Dates:1 March 2019 to 31 May 2020.

Humane AI has been funded to create a European network of centers of excellence for Artificial Intelligence technologies that synergistically work with humans, seamlessly fit in with our complex social settings and dynamically adapt to changes in our environment. The project seeks to develop world-leading insights and AI technologies, from fundamental algorithms, through methods specific to concrete applied AI domains such as Computer Vision, Robotics, IoT, Language Technologies and multi Agent Systems all the way up to disruptive AI applications and broadly usable platforms. Core innovations include (1) tools for enhancing human cognitive capabilities, channeling human creativity, inventiveness and intuition and empowering humans to make important decisions in a more informed way, (2) AI systems that can intelligently interact with and within complex social settings and seamlessly adapt to changing, open-ended environments, (3) explainable, transparent, validated and thus trustworthy AI systems that will help us more effectively deal with the complexity of a networked globalized world and (4) ways to embed values, ethics, privacy and security as core design considerations in all AI systems and applications.

To ensure broad and lasting socio-economic impact in areas which are important to Europe and its citizens on top of the basic research we will implemented dedicated impact-oriented work packages in domains such as Society and Policy, Industry 4.0, Sustainability and Energy, Finance, Science and Education, Health and Mobility/Automotive. To realize the Humane AI vision the consortium has lined up key European players and brought the relevant community on board to mobilize the critical mass needed for success. Many of the partners have strong interdisciplinary research track records, and several PIs on this project hold ERC grants, documenting scientific excellence. With their capability, networks and experience, we have a solid plan to bring the remaining players into the flagship activity during the preparatory action phase.