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Section: Application Domains

Industrial Internet

The Industrial Internet domain gathers applications related to the convergence between the physical and the virtual world. This convergence has been made possible by the development of small, lightweight and cheap sensors as well as complex industrial physical machines that can be connected to the Internet. It is expected to improve most processes of daily life and decision processes in all societal domains, affecting all corresponding actors, be they individuals and user groups, large companies, SMEs or public institutions. The corresponding applications cover: the improvement of business processes of companies and the management of institutions (e.g., accounting, marketing, cloud manufacturingi, etc.); the development of large “smart” applications handling large amounts of geo-distributed data and a large set of resources (video analytics, augmented reality, etc.); the advent of future medical prevention and treatment techniques thanks to the intensive use of ICT systems, etc. We expect our contributions will favor the rise of efficient, correct and sustainable massively geo-distributed infrastructures that are mandatory to design and develop such applications.