Section: Application Domains


The e-Health domain constitutes an important societal application domain of the two previous areas. The STACK teams is investigating distribution, security and privacy issues in the fields of systems and personalized (aka. precision) medicine. The overall goal in these fields is the development of medication and treatment methods that are tailored towards small groups or even individual patients.

We are working, as part of the ongoing PrivGen CominLabs collaborative project on new means for the sharing of genetic data and applications in the Cloud. More generally, we are applying and developing corresponding techniques for the medical domains of genomics, immunobiology and transplantalogy in the international network SHLARC and the regional networks SysMics and Oncoshare: there, we investigate how to secure and preserve privacy if potentially sensitive personal data is moved and processed by distributed biomedical analyses.

We are also involved in the SyMeTRIC regional initiative where preliminary studies have been conducted in order to build a common System Medicine computing infrastructure to accelerate the discovery and validation of bio-markers in the fields of oncology, transplantation, and chronic cardiovascular diseases. The challenges were related to the need of being able to perform analyses on data that cannot be moved between distinct locations.

The STACK team will continue to contribute to the e-Health domain by harnessing advanced architectures, applications and infrastructures for the Fog/Edge.