Section: New Software and Platforms


EnOSlib is a library to help you with your experiments

Keywords: Distributed Applications - Distributed systems - Evaluation - Grid Computing - Cloud computing - Experimentation - Reproducibility - Linux - Virtualization

Functional Description: EnOSlib is a library to help you with your distributed application experiments. The main parts of your experiment logic is made reusable by the following EnOSlib building blocks:

- Reusable infrastructure configuration: The provider abstraction allows you to run your experiment on different environments (locally with Vagrant, Grid’5000, Chameleon and more) - Reusable software provisioning: In order to configure your nodes, EnOSlib exposes different APIs with different level of expressivity - Reusable experiment facilities: Tasks help you to organize your experimentation workflow.

EnOSlib is designed for experimentation purpose: benchmark in a controlled environment, academic validation …