Section: Software


Participants : Sylvain Chevillard, Christoph Lauter [LIP6] , Mioara Joldeş [Arénaire team until October; now with Uppsala University] .

Sollya is an interactive tool where the developers of mathematical floating-point libraries (libm) can experiment before actually developing code. The environment is safe with respect to floating-point errors, i.e., the user precisely knows when rounding errors or approximation errors happen, and rigorous bounds are always provided for these errors.

Amongst other features, it offers a fast Remez algorithm for computing polynomial approximations of real functions and also an algorithm for finding good polynomial approximants with floating-point coefficients to any real function. It also provides algorithms for the certification of numerical codes, such as Taylor Models, interval arithmetic or certified supremum norms.

It is available as a free software under the CeCILL-C license at http://sollya.gforge.inria.fr/ .